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The Project

Board Game Geek


1 Day

My role

Research, User Interviews, Wireframes, UX conception, UI visualization

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The challenge

While employed at J&L Marketing I was asked to re-design their white-labeled car inventory web application that had become incredibly outdated by current mobile-first standards. Beyond the technical constraints of the application, there was very few options for the user to filter and offered no trade-in or financing options.

Competitive analysis

My research mainly focused around the large players in the online auto sales industry and the features they provide. Carvana was one of my major influences in regards to UI design and filtering UX while I focused heavily on CarGuru and CarMax for the financing/trade-in functionality.

User research

I started my user research off by gathering analytical data from Google analytics as well as installing a heat mapping software on the previous site to learn the key functionalities of the site. From there user personas and story maps were created to account for each archetype. Card sorting exercises were used to better understand the layout of the filtering and top level items.

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UI visualization

Wireframing and prototyping both took place in Adobe XD. This allowed me to leverage the work done on the wireframe into the prototype itself after a rough design system was created using the Honda branding.


This site was released after a few rounds of usability interviews and a couple of revisions to aesthetic items throughout the design. From there live A/B testing is currently being run on the site for continuos improvement as well as heat mapping and traditional analytics. Dealerships loved the site and saw an immediate up-tick in traffic due to the responsive mobile-first design.